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Extended stays are reshaping travel preferences and the hospitality industry

International travelers globally in 2023


Increase in booking duration Since 2021


Of new hotel projects are extended stay

No unified OTA for extended stay

We Discovered A Significant Problem

It’s 2024 and there is no reason why booking extended stays should be hard, yet it is









We Are Crafting the First Flexible Stay OTA GLobally

Negotiated rates

Lowest rates for extended stays by negotiating directly with Property partners

Full portfolio

Hotels Rooms, Serviced, Managed and AirBnB Apartments & Villas

Book Online

Timely booking process with the first introduction to book your extended stay online

Single invoice

All costs and Taxes included, plus perks without any hidden charges

Flexible payment

You can pay estaie online or to the hotel or the property partner directly

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Trusted By Many Partners

Working with Estaie really allowed Holiday Swap to elevate its overall performance by leveraging their expertise.

COO - Holiday Swap

(120,000+ global properties)

“TRUST, Results, a Proactive approach, Convenient setup, and Collaboration with highly experienced professionals…”

Director of Sales - Rotana Group

(30,000+ rooms in MENA alone)

“We are really happy working with you…As our preferred partner…you will always have our support all the way!”

Director of Sales - Millennium Hotels

(15,000+ rooms across 50 locations in MENA)

Strengthening Our Defensibility: Planning to File Patents in

Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

We have developed a revolutionary dynamic pricing algorithm that adjusts rates in real time based on a multitude of factors including demand, seasonality, local events, and market conditions. This ensures optimal pricing strategies that maximize revenue and profitability.

Performance Benchmarking

Our tools offer precision benchmarking against industry standards and competitors. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as occupancy rates, RevPAR, and customer satisfaction scores to gain a competitive edge and drive continuous improvement.


Blockchain-Enabled Data Security

Leveraging blockchain technology, we ensure the highest level of data security and transparency. Our decentralized ledger system guarantees that all transactions and data exchanges are secure, immutable, and tamper-proof, providing peace of mind for our partners and customers.


Consumer Behavior Deep Learning

Our sophisticated algorithms delve into consumer behavior, analyzing preferences, booking patterns, and sentiment. These insights allow property managers to create personalized experiences that significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Big Data Analytics for In-Depth Insights

Our platform processes vast amounts of data in real time, extracting valuable insights from diverse data sources. By analyzing trends, patterns, and correlations, we empower our partners with actionable intelligence that drives strategic decision-making and enhances market positioning.


Operational Efficiency Optimization

Enhance operational efficiency with our analytics tools that identify inefficiencies and recommend optimizations. From workforce management to maintenance schedules and resource allocation, ensure your operations run seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

Using advanced machine learning models, we provide predictive analytics that forecast future trends and outcomes with remarkable accuracy. Anticipate occupancy rates, optimize pricing strategies, and predict demand shifts to stay ahead in the competitive market landscape.

Customizable Analytical Dashboards

Experience the power of customized analytics with our intuitive dashboards. Focus on the metrics that matter most to you, whether it’s real-time performance tracking, detailed financial reporting, or customer feedback analysis, for a comprehensive, tailored view of your business.

estaie are raising to make flexible stays more affordable, accessible and simpler

This investor presentation is intended solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Forward-looking statements, including those regarding the company’s strategies and financial projections, are inherently uncertain and are subject to change. The company does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements. This presentation is not a substitute for professional investment advice, and potential investors should seek advice from qualified professionals before making any investment decisions.

Investors FAQ

Q: What is estaie?

A: estaie is a proptech ecosystem providing premium extended stay accommodations for consumers and corporates, ensuring seamless booking experiences and modern amenities.

Q: What is the projected growth for estaie?

A: We anticipate significant growth, with a target of expanding to 10 major cities and achieving a market share of 5% in the extended stay sector within three years.

Q: How does estaie manage risks?

A: Our comprehensive risk management strategy includes market analysis, portfolio diversification, and stringent quality control measures.

Q: What is Estaie’s financial outlook?

A: As a young company, estaie has a robust business plan with projected revenue and market share growth. Detailed financial projections are available upon request for potential investors.

Q: What is estaie’s business model?

A: estaie operates on a commission-based model, earning success fees from completed stays. We provide value-added services to our partners and ensure a high-quality experience for our guests.

Q: What is the governance structure of estaie?

A: estaie is governed by a founding team with plans to establish a formal board of directors as we grow. We ensure transparency, accountability, and strategic decision-making.


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