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Extended Stays: Tips for Budget-Friendly

Extended stays, whether for work, relocation, or an extended vacation, can quickly become expensive if not managed wisely. However, there are numerous strategies and tips that can help you save money while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of long-term accommodations. In this blog, we will explore practical ways to make your extended stay budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or comfort.

1. Book in Advance

One of the simplest ways to save money on extended stays is to book your accommodation well in advance. Many hotels and rental properties offer significant discounts for early bookings. By planning ahead, you can lock in lower rates and have a wider selection of available properties.

2. Negotiate Long-Term Rates

When booking for an extended period, don’t be afraid to negotiate the rate. Many hotels and serviced apartments are willing to offer discounts for long-term stays, especially if you commit to a month or more. Contact the property directly and inquire about any special rates or packages they might offer for extended stays.

3. Opt for Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are often more cost-effective than traditional hotels for long-term stays. They come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to save money by cooking your own meals instead of dining out. Additionally, they often provide amenities like laundry facilities, which can further reduce your expenses.

4. Consider Off-Peak Seasons

Traveling during off-peak seasons can significantly reduce the cost of your extended stay. Rates for accommodations tend to be lower when demand is not as high. Research the peak and off-peak seasons for your destination and plan your stay accordingly to take advantage of lower prices.

5. Look for All-Inclusive Packages

Some accommodations offer all-inclusive packages that bundle together various services and amenities, such as meals, laundry, and transportation. These packages can provide excellent value for money, especially if you plan to use all the included services.

6. Utilize Loyalty Programs and Membership Discounts

Many hotel chains and accommodation providers offer loyalty programs that reward frequent guests with discounts, free nights, and other perks. Sign up for these programs to accumulate points and enjoy the benefits during your extended stay.

7. Share Accommodations

If you are traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, consider sharing accommodations to split the cost. Renting a larger apartment or house can be more economical than booking multiple hotel rooms. Sharing living spaces can also make your stay more enjoyable and social.

8. Leverage Online Travel Agencies

Online travel agencies often have exclusive deals and discounts on extended stay accommodations. Websites like estaie allow you to compare prices and read reviews to find the best value for your money. Take advantage of their search filters to find properties that meet your budget and needs.

9. Stay in Less Central Locations

Accommodations located in city centers or popular tourist areas tend to be more expensive. Consider staying in less central locations that are still well-connected by public transport. You can save a substantial amount on accommodation costs while still having easy access to the main attractions.

10. Monitor Price Drops

Keep an eye on accommodation prices even after you have booked. Some booking platforms offer price match guarantees or allow free cancellations. If you notice a price drop, you can re-book at the lower rate or request a price adjustment.

Examples of Budget-Friendly Extended Stay Hotels

At estaie, we offer a range of budget friendly extended stay options that cater to various needs and preferences. Here are some top picks:

These hotels not only provide comfortable and convenient long-term stays but also ensure you get the best value for your money. Book your extended stay with estaie and enjoy a budget-friendly, luxurious experience.


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