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5th June: Environment Day

Celebrate Environment Day with Us!

Today, we come together to honor our planet on World Environment Day. This global event, celebrated every year on June 5th, is dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to protect our environment. It’s a day to reflect on our relationship with nature and to commit to more sustainable practices in our daily lives.

At estaie, we are deeply committed to promoting sustainable travel and eco-friendly accommodations. Whether you’re planning a long-term stay or a short getaway, our accommodations in the UAE ensure that you can enjoy your vacation responsibly. By booking through our website, you can find eco-friendly hotels and resorts that prioritize green practices, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying your stay.

Why Celebrate Environment Day?

Environment Day serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our natural world. It highlights the urgent need to address environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution. This year’s theme, “Ecosystem Restoration,” focuses on reviving and protecting ecosystems around the globe. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can collectively make a significant impact.

Sustainable Travel Tips

1. Choose Sustainable Accommodations: Look for hotels and resorts that implement eco-friendly practices, such as using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and conserving water. Many accommodations now offer certifications like Green Key or LEED, indicating their commitment to sustainability.

2. Reduce Plastic Use: Bring your own reusable water bottles, bags, and toiletries to minimize single-use plastic waste. Many eco-friendly hotels provide refillable water stations and biodegradable amenities.

3. Support Local: Enjoy local cuisine and buy souvenirs from local artisans. This not only supports the local economy but also reduces the environmental impact associated with importing goods.

4. Conserve Resources: Be mindful of your water and energy usage during your stay. Reuse towels, turn off lights and air conditioning when not needed, and take shorter showers.

5. Participate in Eco-Friendly Activities: Engage in activities that promote environmental conservation, such as beach clean-ups, wildlife tours, and nature hikes. These activities help protect the environment and offer a deeper connection to nature.

How estaie Supports Sustainable Travel

At estaie, we make it easy for you to find and book sustainable accommodations. Our platform offers a wide range of options, from eco-friendly resorts to urban hotels that implement green practices. By choosing to book through estaie, you are supporting our mission to promote sustainable tourism in the UAE and beyond.

In conclusion

celebrating Environment Day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on our environmental impact and take steps towards a more sustainable future. Whether you’re traveling or staying home, there are countless ways to make a positive difference. Let’s make every day Environment Day by adopting eco-friendly habits and making conscious choices that benefit our planet.


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