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What makes estaie different?

We negotiate for you

The best extended stay rates with our partners

Hotels or Airbnb

Hotels and Holiday homes on one platform

One Single Bill

For Rent, Furnisher, Utilities, Net, Maintenance & Cleaning

Flexible Payment

Pay estaie or Pay the Partner. Your choice

Perks & Discounts

Unlock exclusive discounts on FNB, SPA & Laundry

All Furnished

Enjoy a fully furnished homes tailored to your needs.

Algorithm works for you

And secure you the best prices guaranteed.

Guaranteed stay

200,000 rooms and 1000+ serviced apartments at estaie.


Experience a new era of convenience with estaie. We’re here to redefine flexible stays, making them more accessible, affordable, and hassle-free. Forget about booking fees and get ready for exclusive negotiated rates for stays ranging from 2 weeks to a full year. Enjoy up to a 50% discount on your accommodations. Let us simplify your stay and elevate your experience like never before.

How to book in estaie?

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Your search criteria

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Your choices

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Your perfect stay

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Request to book & pay

The Old Way of Renting:

A Costly and Complicated Process

Renting an apartment traditionally involves numerous steps and expenses that can quickly become overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of the challenges:

  • Upfront Deposits: High initial costs for an unfurnished apartment, as well as electricity, water, and internet deposits.
  • Furnishing Costs: Significant investment is needed to furnish the apartment.
  • Monthly Bills: Separate payments for electricity, water, internet, TV services, and often high fees for gym memberships, pool access, and parking.
  • Additional Services: Extra expenses for cleaning services and other amenities.

estaie Way:

Simplifying Renting with One Bill

estaie revolutionises the renting experience by offering an all-inclusive, one-bill solution that covers all your needs. Here’s how estaie makes renting easier and more affordable:

  • All-Inclusive Bill: One bill covers rent, furnishings, electricity, water, internet, TV services, cleaning, gym memberships, pool access, and parking.
  • Time-Saving: With estaie, you can save valuable time by avoiding the hassle of managing separate payments and deposits. We take care of everything for you.
  • Convenient Living: Enjoy a high standard of living with all essential services, including without the stress of managing multiple bills and providers.
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What We Do?

Negotiate extended stay rates for you

We negotiate the extended stay rates with our partners so you can find the best rates in our platform.

Focus on extended stays (15 - 365 nights)

We give you the flexibility to book from two weeks to one year and publicly show you the rates for ultimate clarity.

Book fast and without any booking fees

We are working on a book now option because we know that many of our guests like to finalize their booking online, and yet there are no hidden fees.

estaie - Your AI Concierge

Because we value your time, and if you are approaching us outside of our working time, we trained our AI to understand your requirements and to help you navigate our choices and try our seamless booking experience.

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How does estaie Enhance Your Living Experience?

Imagine a seamless, hassle-free living experience where all your accommodation needs are met with a single, convenient solution. estaie enhances your life by providing an all-inclusive rental experience that takes care of everything, so you can focus on what truly matters.

What benefits do I get from booking through estaie?

When you choose estaie, you benefit from a fully integrated living solution:

  • All-Inclusive Pricing:

One bill covers rent, furnishings, electricity, water, internet, TV services, cleaning, gym memberships, pool access, and parking.

  • Cost-Effective:

Avoid the financial burden of separate deposits and monthly payments for various services.

  • High-Standard Living:

Enjoy top-notch amenities and services without the stress of managing multiple providers.

How flexible and transparent is the booking process?

estaie offers flexible booking options to suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re staying for 15 or 365 nights, we provide transparent pricing and the flexibility to adapt to your schedule.

In which countries does estaie operate?

While we began in the UAE, we are expanding globally to bring our exceptional services to more destinations. Wherever you go, estaie ensures a consistent and high-quality living experience, soon to KSA.

How does estaie prioritize my needs?

We prioritise your comfort and convenience. By acting as a filter, we pass only relevant accommodation options to you, ensuring a tailored and efficient booking process. Our goal is to save you time and provide a seamless experience.

Why should I trust estaie?

With estaie, there’s no risk. We are a legally registered company in the United Arab Emirates with established offices, ensuring full compliance with local laws and regulations. We respect all customer rights and strive to provide a trustworthy service. Furthermore, we sign agreements directly with each hotel and property to secure our guests’ best prices and terms. If we don’t find you the perfect accommodation, you pay nothing. Our success is tied to your satisfaction, making us a trusted partner in your living experience.


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